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Wendover Buckinghamshire

Bunded fuel tanks are vital for storing anything other than relatively small quantities of fuel. For any volume of fuel over 200 litres on commercial property then bunded fuel tanks are a legal requirement. The bund on a fuel or oil tank could be described as a kind of ‘second skin’ which completely or partially surrounds the storage tank to prevent any leakage or overfill of fuel from escaping into the environment.

Not only are specialist bunded fuel tanks necessary by law they are in fact the most efficient and safe way to store large quantities of fuel. With fuel being such an essential and valuable resource for many businesses and Public Authorities it makes sense to invest in secure above ground fuel storage and below ground fuel storage tanks.

Our range of bunded fuel tanks include models for above ground and below ground storage of diesel fuel and gas oil.  All our fuel tanks are designed to meet with the legislation that regulates the storage of fuel, prevention of leakage, environmental damage and safety hazards as specified by the Government and the Environment Agency.

As the penalties for improper storage of fuel are becoming increasingly severe it is vital that businesses and Public Authorities ensure they use above ground fuel storage  that complies with the law.

We are able to supply our clients with bunded fuel tanks in a range of different sizes, capacities and colours. Our fuel tanks can also be custom made to suit your requirements. All are designed to precise and stringent specifications to ensure they meet the regulations laid down by law. Our steel bunded fuel tanks are rugged and robust with outer, totally enclosed, weatherproof bunds that ensure the safe containment of any leakage or overfill. They can also be purchased with a lockable security cabinet to contain the fill point and fuel dispensing equipment.

Our diesel tanks, and products are delivered to your premises where they are installed to meet your requirements. When it comes to the storage of fuel short cuts and corner cutting are never an option, so contact us to ensure that you invest high quality bunded fuel tanks that are up to the job.


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We are able to supply both petrol fuel tanks and diesel fuel tanks in a range
of different sizes, capacities and colours, and can also build
custom fuel tanks to suit your precise requirements.